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 The Red Hawk Pirates

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Pirate Stats
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The Red Hawk Pirates Empty
PostSubject: The Red Hawk Pirates   The Red Hawk Pirates Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 10:40 am

We are the Red Hawk Pirates, Ferocious Warriors to our enemies and having great times on our ship and adventures

A bunch of peace Mains that aim for the top!

Captain History
Bounty- Unknown
Devil Fruit - unknown

The captain amaterasu (nickname is Raz or Ama)

Over the years he has made search for a strong crew to go on adventures

no much is known after that

Other crew's history

Crew Spots

Captain: Ama
Swordsman: Vacant
Cook: Ace
musician: Vacant
Sniper: vacant
Carpenter: vacant
Doctor: vacant
Historian: vacant
Navigator: vacant

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The Red Hawk Pirates
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